Grote zaal


Main auditorium
Dimensions: 28m x 24m
Capacity: 800 people (empty), 
250 people (with seating) can be expanded for 450 people
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Kleine zaal

Small auditorium
Dimensions11m x 8,75 m
Capacity: 120 people (empty), 
55 people (with seating), can be expanded for 70 people
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Zuilenzaal 1.jpg

Dimensions: 12,5m x 7,5m 
Capacity: 150 people (empty),  100 people (dinner), 
100 people (theatre), 40 people (carré)
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Cafe 3.jpg

Dimensions: 19m x 7m 
Capacity: 250 people (empty), 80 people (dinner), 80 people (theatre)

Foyer 3.jpg Foyer
Dimensions: 22,5m x 5m
Capacity: 250 people (empty), 
70 people (dinner), 50 people (theatre)
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