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Photos Bart Grietens


David Hernandez can draw from years of experience as a choreographer, both in creating his own oeuvre as well as working withMeg Stuart and Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker several times. The physical theatricality he developed in the early years of Damaged Goodsand his approach to music and movement that led to a collaboration with Rosas and becoming a member of Graindelavoix, give his movement research a very particular starting point. In For movement’s Sake, Hernandez continues his research of pure movement and its relation with music. Baroque composer Buxtehude’s music is combined with Hernandez’ choreography. The title For movement’s Sake refers to Merce Cunningham‘s declaration that dance lets itself be read, that there is no other reason for movement than the actual, pure movement. Hernandez creates a unique language of movement, shifting between gesture and aesthetics, showcasing it’s ability to communicate. For Movement’s Sake is a dance performance with a peculiar scenographic setting that shows the performers in a perpetual metamorphosis.


Concept & Choreography: David Hernandez  in collaboration with
Dance: Renate Graziadei, Nina Hanel, Colas Lucot
Production: Lenneke Rasschaert (Cacao Bleu vzw)
Scenography: Katrijn Baetens, Saskia Louwaard
Light: Hans Meijer
Technique: Bert Van Dijck
Dramaturgical Advice: Moos van den Broek
Photography: Bart Grietens


Dutch première

Sa 20 february
Start 20.30 

Normal: €17,50
CJP, Stadspas, Student, ACT-pas: €15

*This show is part of the We Are Public selection





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