Homo Sapiens {Igor Vrebac}


Photo Andrea Galad



“When I get into the tram, I automatically turn down my Beyoncé music. Why? Am I afraid of creating a stereotypical image of myself? Am I afraid of being judged?”

Homo Sapiens symbolizes a quest for the normal man. A normal man that lies within every gay man, but is hardly seen by society. This physical performance deals with fear, prejudice, vanity and breaching stereotypes. But above all it deals with being normal; being just a man.

Homo Sapiens is the 2015 winner of the jury prize at ACT Festival in Bilbao (E) for best short performance.

“Maybe the target nowadays is not to discover what we are, but to refuse what we are.” ― Michel Foucault 

This performance is English spoken. 


Concept and performed by: Igor Vrebac
Coaching and final direction: Maarten Lok
Scenography and light: Felipe González Cabezas
Mask: Guillaume, Breathcatchers 


Za 5 maart 
Aanvang 20.30 uur

Normaal: €12,50
CJP, Stadspas, Student, ACT-pas: €10




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