Macho Macho {Igor Vrebac}

Photo - macho macho - olga erynnis-tages.jpeg    
Photo: Olga Erynnis-Tages

Igor vrebac - bart grietens-2.jpg

Photo: Bart Grietens 

Macho macho © marjolijn van dijk fotografie- 2.jpg

Photo: Marjolijn van Dijk 



Bosnian-Dutch artist Igor Vrebac (1986) draws inspiration from Instagram after workout selfies, Turkish wrestling and the idea of bromance, in his new physical performance Macho Macho to question the objectified men’s world we are living in today. What’s behind those Calvin Klein six packs? What does a billboard with beer drinking bearded giants on it tell us? When can a man show his vulnerable side?

Macho Macho is a visually attractive duet between two young men trying to represent male beauty. They try to look good, be sexy and stay strong, but the competition that arises, brings them closer to each other and their emotions.

The machos welcome you to their arena where they fight stereotypes about, with and for men. Since language is not a problem in this performance, it is even accessible for your queer chihuahua. Woof!

A jury awarded the performance with the Dioraphte ‘Best of Amsterdam Fringe 2016’ award.


Idea, production and direction: Igor Vrebac
With and from: Anton van der Sluis & Ilija Surla
Coach: Maarten Lok
Sound design: Wouter Gulikers
Poster and flyer photography: Olga Erynnis-Tages
Poster and flyer design: Julian Breen/Studio Hersenstal
Stage photography: Marjolijn van Dijk
Teaser: Bas de Brouwer

Macho Macho is supported by: Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, ACT acteursbelangen, ACT Festival Bilbao, Podium Mozaïek, Levi’s
Many thanks to: Jasminka Beganović, Annelies Hendrikse and the men from the gym 



Sa 11 feb 2017
Start 20.30 

Normal: €15
CJP, Stadspas, Student, ACT-pas: €12,50






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