ONCE {Via Berlin}

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Photo: Victorine Franke en Annelet Arnold (our mothers) ©Michiel Voet


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Photo Ben van Duin 




ONCE there were two sisters; praised classical musicians, who played sold-out performances all over the world. They lived an affluent lifestyle and had many admirers. Now they are old, the fame and money are gone.
With their world getting smalle, all they have left is each other for laughter and comfort.
In solitude the sisters reminisce and relive their glory days.  They try everything to hide the decline that comes with getting older, but when your memory betrays you and your hands start shaking that is easier said than done.

The young makers of Via Berlin put themself in the position of a much older generation, a group that has been forgotten in our society.
A poetic musical performance about degeneracy and losing oneself in loneliness.

Via Berlin is a young music/theatre group consisting of actress Dagmar Slagmolen en violinist Rosa Arnold. They developed their own style in which text is used only to give necessary information about the characters and to outline the story, while the images and music tell the rest.

Via Berlin considers music and text (and with that the actor and musician) the equivalent of each other in storytelling. Personal stories are told within a bigger theme; characters are used as a representation of global affairs. 

English spoken


Concept and play: Dagmar Slagmolen en Rosa Arnold
Direction: Paul van der Laan
Set and costume: Dieuweke van Reij
Musical dramaturgy: Sytze Pruiksma


ONCE is in cooperation with Bellevue Lunchtheater



Fr 15th April
Start 20.30

Sa 16th April
Start 19.00

Normal: €12,50
CJP, Stadspas, Student, ACT-pas: €10




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